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Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Pinging Pellets

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The Dynamite Baits SwimStim range is incredibly popular for its match-winning successes. Anglers can expect to keep bites coming through from carp and silverfish with these pellets. Between the months of March and October, there can be no finer bait for catching numbers of carp than hard pellets.  It’s a very positive, selective way of fishing, where softer baits often result in unwanted attention from smaller fish.

A substantial, dense carp pellet designed by match anglers to achieve accurate long-distance fishing, even in difficult conditions found in the UK climate. This means the water or wind will not easily break down these pellets.

The durability of these Dynamite pellets from the Swim Stim range makes these pellets heavy so they stay in place on the bottom of the lake, rather than getting wafted around a lot. Additionally, you can add the hard pellet to your hook using a band

  • A substantial, dense carp pellet
  • Designed by match anglers
  • Will achieve accurate long-distance fishing
  • Great even in difficult conditions
  • Perfect for using with a catapult
  • Can also be used with a pellet waggler and fishing the bomb
  • Supplied in 900g bags.