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Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Pellet Soak F1 Cool 500ml

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  • Offers all the same fish loving liquid ingredients
  • But in a lighter and more subtle variation
  • Ideal for fishing in cooler conditions
  • Right down to icy winter temperatures
  • Adds Swim Stim attraction and a light colour
  • Gives an almost washed out and safe look
  • Whilst adding the attraction which will give you the edge
  • Great when targeting F1s, carp and silverfish
  • Has all the same palatants as the original F1 Sweet Pellet Soak
  • Slightly reduced to make the liquid more subtle in cold water
  • Add liquid to pellets, hookbaits and groundbait mixes
  • Great when pumping expanders to enhance their flavour
  • Supplied in a 500ml bottle