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Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Pellet Soak 500ml

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Multi-use rehydration for all your pellet baits, this Swim Stim liquid from Dynamite Baits is an effective way to boost or soak all your pellet feed for added attraction and performance.

Giving you better colour and flavour, which, in turn, draws more fish to your swim, increasing your chances of a successful session.

An ideal way to prepare and enhance your Pro Expanders, and only available in the UK, this Swim Stim liquid should definitely be part of every anglers’ bait box.


  • Made using Swim Stim Koi technology
  • Multi-use pellet rehydration liquid
  • Designed to boost/soak feed pellets
  • Adds colour and flavour to them
  • Made to help attract fish into your swim
  • Use them to prepare and enhance your Pro-Expanders
  • Supplied in 500ml bottles
  • Available in the UK only