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Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Milled Expanders

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Expander pellets milled down to create a ultra-fine groundbait mix containing SwimStim’s Koi Technology. Can be used alone for when fishing methods like the slop or added to groundbait mixes as a low feed content or for dusting maggots and hookbaits. A great low-feed bait in cooler conditions when targeting species like F1s. New for 2021, now in recyclable packaging.
  • Swim Stim Pro Expanders milled down to a fine powder
  • This is a great stand-alone groundbait for use as a light mix
  • Can combine with any other groundbaits to lighten your existing mix
  • Designed to create a slow sinking cloud of attraction
  • This will draw fish to your swim without over feeding them
  • Supplied in 750g bags