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Dynamite Baits Spod & Bag Mix

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The Spod & Bag mix has been created in conjunction with anglers fulfilling their requirements when spodding or using a solid PVA bag. Containing various sized high quality food items, Dynamite added some finer ingredients to reduce the amount of unwanted air pockets in a formed PVA bag.

Taking the bait to another level, Dynamite packed the fishmeal version with high quality blended fish oils that leak attraction drawing carp down to your hook bait.

The sweet version has added attraction using a winterised super sweet liquid and also this light mix matches most sweet hookbaits. The mixes are ready to use straight from the bag or add a few of your own extra items.

Packed in a 2kg re-sealable bag this bait is not only a fantastic PVA bag mix but can also be used for spodding or creating a carpet of feed on the lake bed.