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Dynamite Baits Pre-Drilled Pots

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  • Pre-Drilled Pellets - a pellet for carp and catfish that is pre-drilled to make it easier to use with hair rigs. They better absorb liquid attractants in which they are soaked and, most importantly, they quickly dissipate these attractants after entering the water. You can fish with single pellets, as well as with a combination of different flavors strung on the hair. It is possible to attach pellets directly to a hook, as well as use in a mix or PVA bag.


  • A high oil 8mm pre-drilled fish meal hook-bait
  • Available in strongly flavoured Garlic, Marine Halibut and Krill
  • 150g mixed black and red pellets in each tub
  • Perfect for commercial style carp fishing and river fishing