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Dynamite Baits Frenzied Hemp Groundbait Match Fine Original

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Whether you’re a match or a specimen angler then you’ll no doubt be aware of the benefits that adding hempseed into your mix can bring.

Hemp is one of the most potent attractors that you can introduce into any groundbait mix, both due to the oils it releases into the water column and due to its highly active nature. In fact, hemp is so active under the water that Dynamite Baits calls it Frenzied Hempseed. This Dynamite Baits Frenzied Hempseed Groundbait mix is great either in addition to other groundbait particles or on its own.

There are 5 different types of Frenzied Hempseed Groundbait available in the range. The first of these is the Match Original mix. This is a highly active mix consisting of lots of fine particles. The mix ensures that you’re never at risk of overfeeding the fish in your swim, whilst still introducing the kind of attraction that you need to keep fish grubbing around for extended periods of time.

The Match Original is excellent when mixed in dry with other groundbaits as it ups the activity of any groundbait mix to which you add it. By mixing it damp you can ensure a quicker breakdown under the water for the more immediate release of attractants through the water column, allowing you to customise this response you get to your needs. This is a mix that is perfect for use with either a pole or a feeder when you’re match fishing and it is ideal as a base for a silverfish mix, whichever venue you’re targeting.