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Dynamite Baits Carp Pellets 18kg Sack

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The Dynamite Baits Bulk Pack High Oil Caro Pellets are created in Europe by Dynamite Baits who specialise in the creation of groundbaits, pellets and predator baits.

The pellets are created using the highest quality oils and offer essential nutrients for fish. These pellets are ideal for use on rivers and lakes to draw up Carp, Barbel, Chub and Bream fish to your hook bait area. These pellets have a 'high oil' content meaning they are loaded with compelling fish attractors that have a strong odour that are sure to pull in fish.

The Dynamite Baits Bulk Pack High Oil Carp Pellets is 18kg in weight. Available in sizes of 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm or 11mm