Drennan Visi Wagglers No4

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Key Features

  • Classic Loaded Insert waggler ideal for short to medium distances
  • Peacock Quill is fast being replaced by modern, hi-tech alternatives such as those used for the Visi Wags
  • It is available in 5 sizes ranging from 1g (1 1/2BB) through to 2g (2 1/2AA)
  • The Float includes a distinctive 3mm Visi Wag banded Hollow Tip
  • Strong, buoyant and really exaggerate bites
  • Ideal for fishing on stillwaters or slow to moderately paced rivers
  • Great for targeting fish at all levels of the peg
  • Each float has been designed so you can change from one size to the other
  • All done without changing your shotting pattern
  • Takes five No.8 shot when set up in conjunction with four Float Stops (two either side) and a Swivel Float Attachment