Drennan Shorty Pellet Waggler

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Drennan Shorty Pellet Wagglers are perfect for catching carp shallow with rod-and-line tactics.

The compact design makes them an ideal choice for catching carp in the upper layers or casting across to island swims. The highly visible tips are flighted to aid casting accuracy and available in a choice of red, orange or yellow.

The position of the streamlined base weight also helps with arrow-straight casting and a pair of removable discs allows for additional fine-tuning. These floats also come with optional dive discs that help to reduce plunging on splashdown – particularly useful when catching ultra shallow.

The bodies are super buoyant, tough and designed to cope with catching large numbers of carp. Being clear they are also far less conspicuous in the water compared to painted alternatives.

Shorty Pellet Wagglers have been designed and manufactured in our own factories to the same meticulous standards as our larger XL Pellet Wagglers and are destined to be even more popular – if that’s possible!