Drennan Series 7 Reel Feeder 9-40

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Drennan has never before been famous for reels until now! These high-spec, rear drag feeder fishing reels out of the Drennan Series 7 stable are not high priced. They have loads of radical features not found on most reels over a hundred pounds. Supplied with 1 aluminium spool on the reel, and 2 spare composite spools, all of the spools are designed to hold only 100m of popular feeder fishing reel lines from 4lb up to 10lb without the need for any backing. The front of the spools have a small rubber insert which indicates what breaking strain line you have on that spool and the spools also have a small indentation on them so as to house the knot where your line is attached to it. Specification: - Ultra smooth rear drag. - Push button spools. - One touch folding handle. - 5.2 to 1 gear ratio. - 8 bearings plus 1 one-way clutch bearing. - Instant, silent anti-reverse. - Supplied with 2 spare spools.