Drennan Series 7 Margin Carp Pole

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Drennan Series 7 Margin Carp Pole 8.5m This Series 7 Margin Carp Pole is 8.5 metres in length and has been designed with carp fishing in snaggy marginal swims in mind. An exceptionally strong pole, the Series 7 Margin Carp has been designed so that each section of the pole bends in order to absorb the pulls of larger fish, significantly reducing the risk of line breaks or hook pulls. This means you can land your fish quickly and with confidence. This pole is surprisingly lightweight, making it the perfect tool for the young or novice angler who is looking to improve their pole fishing skills whilst still being able to target the larger fish. As well as being the ideal tool for marginal snaggy fishing, this pole is perfect for close range open water work too, making it an incredibly versatile piece of equipment. The Series 7 Margin Carp Pole comes supplied with two top two kits, one of which is fitted to the pole itself and one of which is supplied as a spare. Both top twos are 2.5 meters long, making them perfect for use on most commercial day-ticket waters. Not only this, but they also allow ample elastic to be used through the entire set-up. Both the fitted and the spare top two kits have been pre-bushed with Drennan’s Large Polemaster Carp Bungee Bushes. This enables you to use your pole straight from the bag, with minimal set up required. This Margin Carp Pole is the perfect addition to the astonishing Series 7 from Drennan International. Established in 1967 when Peter Drennan began making balsa wood floats out of his mother’s garage, the company has grown to be one of the largest and most prolific tackle manufacturers in the UK. With a trio of core values that are put into play with every product design, Drennan’s value for money, easy to use, and practically minded tackle has been a huge hit with anglers across the country. The brand is considered a coarse and match fishing specialist and this Series 7 Margin Carp Pole certainly represents this.

Key Features

  • Strong, light &rigid
  • Ideal for margin fishing or open water work
  • Supplied with a spare power top 2 kit
  • Fully take-apart design
  • Rated to 20 elastics
  • Weight: 620g at full length