Drennan Series 7 Carp Method BR 9-30

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  • The specimen BR 9-40 and smaller Carp Method BR 9-30 are an excellent choice for anglers wanting all the advantages of a freespool facility but on a smaller reel body.
  • The freespool system allows line to be taken by a fish until you engage the rear lever. This is widely used by specimen anglers targeting large carp and barbel but has also become increasingly popular for general coarse fishing applications. There is also a growing trend for freespool-type reels when targeting match-sized carp on commercial fisheries - particularly with bomb and method feeder tactics.
  • Each model comes with an alloy spool as standard plus a shallower composite spool and a useful set of line indentification buttons.


  • Composite spool line capactiy: 100m 0.25mm 8lb - 90m 0.28mm 10lb
  • Alloy spool line capacity: 100m 0.28mm 10lb - 90m 0.30mm 12lb