Drennan Red Range Pellet Waggler / Method Feeder Combo

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Combination rods that are required to perform two very different jobs are often a poor compromise, but this excellent 11ft (3.35m) Red Range design works perfectly as a Method Feeder and as a Pellet Waggler.

The method feeder top section will cast up to large, heavily loaded method feeders accurately, even at longer ranges.

Set up with the pellet waggler top section, this rod is ideal for all floats ranging up to 15g loading and provides excellent line management and float control.

The rod will handle anything from small carp to fish of 10lb+ (5kg). Although designed for commercial fisheries, this rod would also not be out of place for targeting quality fish on small rivers and streams.

The blank is finished in Drennan’s trademark Red Range burgundy with a cork handle, screw-down reel seat and a neat keeper ring.

The ideal line rating for this rod is from 4lb (1.8kg) to 10lb (4.5kg).