Drennan Red Range Carp Feeder Rod

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Drennan Red Range Carp Feeder Rods

If you’re an angler who wants to fish with top quality, purpose designed tackle but you don’t have the budget to splash out on your gear then you need look no further. The team at Drennan have designed the perfect rods for you and the DrennanRedRange ensures that you can enjoy quality without hurting your purse strings. These are the Carp Feeder Rods in the range, forming one-half of the carp fishing rod selection in the comprehensive collection.

Within the Red Range Carp Feeder Rod collection there are two different length rods available to you. The longest of those is an 11ft feeder rod, which is ideal for most carp feeder work over medium to large waters. If you’re someone who targets a variety of the nations bigger carp venues then this will be the ideal feeder rod for you. The smaller rod is 10ft in length as, as you’d expect, it has been designed for smaller waters. It is also perfect for close range work when a longer rod is not only unnecessary but also unwieldy. Both of the rods are supplied with two push-in tips each. The longer rod comes with a 2oz tip and a 3oz tip, whereas the 10ft outfit comes supplied with a 1.5oz tip and a 2oz tip. These tip choices ensure that you can target a variety of fish with each rod whilst still maintaining the overall balance of your setup – combining versatility with performance precision.

Both rods in the range boast a lightweight carbon blank. This blank ensures that the rod is power enough to handle a hard fighting carp whilst the progressive power really does come into its own when you’re landing smaller silverfish and other coarse species. If you’re someone who enjoys playing a fish right under the tip then this rod will be a dream to use as it offers a beautiful fish playing action, enabling you to land larger fish with ease. Forgiving under pressure, the rod acts as a shock absorber against the lunges of an aggressive carp and it helps you to avoid those dreaded hookpulls. However, it’s not only on the retrieval that this rod comes into its own. The rod blank offers a rigidity which allows for incredibly accurate casting, so you can bait with incredible precision time after time. If you’re someone who likes to cast on a sixpence then this rod will be a dream addition to your collection. The rod blank is finished with quality fixtures, including lined guides along the length of the rod which allow you to fish with a variety of fishing line types as well as screw down reel seats which are ideal for use with the majority of good quality carp fishing reels available on the market today. It also boasts a traditional cork handle – promising you exceptional grip and a classic look.

As the name suggests, the rod blank comes in a stunning deep burgundy red colour. This blank almost looks black on an overcast day but a shard of sunlight will reveal its true glory. The Drennan Red Range Carp Feeder Rods are traditional two piece outfits, so are the ideal size to fit into the majority of rod holdalls (please check luggage specifications before purchase) and are easy to rig up ahead of time. This allows you to save time on the banks, giving you more opportunity to do the thing you enjoy – carp fishing. Whether you’re looking to try out feeder fishing with a purpose designed tool or you’re looking to upgrade your existing setup, the Drennan Red Range Carp Feeder Rods are ideal for you.