Drennan Quickstop Carp Match Hair Rigs

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These are the lightest in the range and are ideal for hair rig­ging on the Pole or Waggler or for light feeder work – per­haps in winter conditions. The hooks have a spe­cial bend and extra long curved point to improve both hooking and holding. Tied to 12” (30cm) of clear mono with sens­ible and pro­gressive diameters/breaking strains of line to each indi­vidual hook size. The length of the hair has been care­fully matched to the hook size, get­ting pro­gress­ively longer from 18’s to 8’s to cor­rectly accom­modate the dif­ferent sizes of bait appro­priate to each hook.


  • Eyed, Barbless Carp Match Hooks
  • Tied to 12inch/30cm mono
  • Extra strong, extra soft mono
  • Special bend & extra long curved point
  • Excellent hooking & holding
  • Super High Carbon Wire
  • Ideal for pellets, meat, sweetcorn, small boilies
  • 8 Rigs per pack