Drennan Oval Cage Feeder

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They are equally useful on rivers and stillwaters and work well with all consistencies of groundbait, liquidised bread, cubed meat, and dampened pellets. Their shape ensures they remain flat on the bottom in strong currents. They are also less likely to roll down slopes. The mesh of a cage feeder also releases the bait quicker than a conventional solid-walled type.

Stainless Oval Cage Feeders feature an in-built swivel to avoid line tangles. Finished in anti-flash dark olive green that perfectly matches the neat, low-profile lead.

The Range:

  • Micro - 10g
  • Mini - 15g
  • Small - 20g
  • Medium - 25g
  • Large - 30g
  • XL - 35g


  • Low profile
  • Quick bait release
  • Anti-flash dark olive green finish