Drennan Margin Carp Barbless Hooks To Nylon

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Drennan Margin Carp Barbless Fishing Hooks To Nylon, The perfect hook for all down the edge fishing and also any situation where a strong hook that won't let you down is needed. Ideal for rivers, canals, and stillwater where barbless patterns are appropriate. Precision tempering, stringent quality control, extra long durable needle points, with patterns maintaining perfect proportion and size ratio. Tied to 20cm of extra strong, low diameter mono.
  • Bronze finish
  •  Special bend
  •  Medium shank
  •  Spade end
  •  Forged
  •  Chemically etched
  •  Curved needle point
  •  Tied to 20cm of extra strong, low diameter mono
  •  8 Per packet