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Drennan’s Subsurface Green Fly Leader is one of the most impressive fly fishing leaders there is on the market to date. Available in 50m spools, this line comes supplied in its now iconic yellow packaging and it is one of the most recognisable fly fishing materials out there. Reliable and consistent, this is a leader which is ideal for use when you’re nymph and lure fishing below the surface of the water. It is also perfect when you’re fishing with small dry flies. It comes, as the name suggests, in a subtle green colour. This ensures that it blends into the water, making it practically invisible and ensuring that you won’t spook any unsuspecting fish. This line boasts a natural buoyancy which aids the presentation of any fly or lure you’re using, whilst still offering a weight which can slowly sink your fly for subsurface fishing. One of the biggest benefits of this Drennan Subsurface Green Fly Leader over other leaders on the market is its superior knot strength. It is incredibly durable, ensuring that you can be confident in your knotting and you’ll never be let down by a leader weaken by knots. The Drennan Subsurface Green Fly Leader comes in 3lb break stains and is 0.18mm in diameter to allow for quick sinking for subsurface angling.

If you’re a passionate fly angler then chances are that you are already more than familiar with the benefits of a quality leader and tippet. However, if you’re just getting started out in the sport then you might be curious as why you need yet another bit of kit in your terminal tackle setup. The main benefit of a leader and tippet is to connect your thick fly line to the fly itself. Using a thick line so close to the fly will increase the chances of your line being noticed, potentially spooking the fish you’re trying to lure in. A good quality leader, like this Drennan Subsurface Green Fly Leader, should be thinner in diameter than your mainline. It should also boast a colouration which ensures that it is practically invisible. The Drennan Subsurface Green Fly Leader ticks both of these boxes, ensuring that it is the perfect leader material for all your subsurface fly fishing.

The second benefit of using a quality leader and tippet is that it transfers the energy from your cast down your line and directly to your fly. This helps to ensure that your line is straightened during the cast, rather than knotting in on itself and creating a tangled bird’s nest. The Drennan Subsurface Green Fly Leader ensures that you’re at less risk of this occurring, helping to give your fly the perfect presentation for the best chance of a take.

Drennan has been producing world class fishing tackle solutions since 1967, when Peter Drennan first began manufacturing floats out of his mother’s garage. Although he originally began manufacturing for personal use, dissatisfied with the availability of floats on the market, he soon garnered interest on the bank and quickly outgrew the small garage. Although the business has expanded considerably since then, the drive to create top quality terminal tackle has remained at the forefront of the brand’s ethos. Drennan is a coarse and match fishing specialist brand but it also produces tackle for use across the disciplines, including this Drennan Subsurface Green Fly Leader for fly fishing.