E-SOX Big Eye Fry Paddle Tail

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Key Features

  • Ideal for perch, zander, pike and other predatory species
  • Available in Split Tail and Paddle Tail designs
  • Four proven fish catching colours
  • Split Tail lures have a super sensitive tail section
  • Flicks and wiggles at the slightest movement of the rod tip
  • Sending lots of vibration through the water
  • Paddle Tails have an excellent swimming action
  • Gives off lots of action and helps to simulate a distressed prey fish
  • All lures come with full-coloured tails for added visual attraction
  • Internal holographic foil for a realistic scale flash
  • Both designs work exceptionally well with modern dropshotting tactics
  • Are equally effective when fished with small weighted jig heads
  • Supplied in resalable packets of five
  • Available in Green Perch, Bronze Gold, Orange Flash and Silver Red