Drennan DS-7 Combat Carp

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As the name suggests, this pole has been designed for tackling hard fighting carp on commercial fisheries and it boasts an impressive blend of strength and finesse in order to allow you to bring in big fish with confidence. It is also impressively light and responsive, ensuring that it is a well-balanced outfit which can help you land lots of silverfish to build your match wining weight. This pole is a true-length 14.5m outfit which comes fully supplied with all the gear you need – as well as tones of extras – in order to ensure that you can target any and all situations on the bank.

First things first, the Drennan D-S7 Combat Carp 14.5m Pole Package comes with no fewer than five top two kits. This is constructed of one Standard Kit, two Carp Kits, one Double Two Carp Kit, and one Double Two Ghost Carp Kit. These ensure that you have a huge range of options on the bank, so you never need to feel as if you’re simple settling with your gear. The Double Two Kits are unique, too, as they effectively allow you to elasticate only the top one and a half sections. This means that you can fish with a shorter elasticated top kit without reducing the fishable length of the pole, ensuring that you can fish out at your full distance with ease. The Double Two Ghost Carp Kit features a light grey Ghost Tip. This is ideal for fishing over gin-clear waters, as it makes your pole tip considerably less conspicuous and ensures that you’re not at risk of frightening away your fish. Each Carp Kit in the range is fitted with Side Pull Slots and comes with a complete set of Roller Cone accessories, so you can utilise Drennan’s super-smooth Side Pull System, too. The pole is also supplied with a Cupping Kit, for ease of baiting accuracy.

As well as this impressive collection of top kits, the Drennan D-S7 Combat Carp 14.5m Pole Package also comes with a range of extras, supplied as standard. This includes two reversible mini-extensions, five Skid Bungs, EVA nose cones, a selection of Super Slick PTFE brushes, Side Pull Beads, an extractor rod, a Polemaster Pole Pot, Cupping Kit Adaptors, and a Drennan Visi Case. The huge variety of products supplied ensures that you’re able to modify your pole depending on the conditions on water on any given day – so, whether you’re fishing in a competitive match situation or you’re simply carp fishing for pleasure, you’ll be able to maximise your ability on the bank.

The entire outfit comes supplied in a Four – Six Tube Drennan Holdall. Not only is this a stylish item of angling luggage but it is also ensures that your pole is perfectly protected against in storage and in transit.