Drennan Crystal Dibber Pole Rig

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There are three Crystal Dibber Rig options, each offering you a slightly different way to hook your bait:-

Hooker Dibber Rigs feature a Wide Gape Carp spade end hook and are ideal for directly mounting live baits such as maggots, casters and worms along with soft pellets, meat and sweetcorn.

Bandit Dibber Rigs feature eyed Wide Gape Power hooks with a hair-rigged Natural Latex Pellet Band. This band can be easily pulled around a hard pellet or dumbell with the help of a Band Stretcher or carefully pulled inside pellets, meat, corn and drilled boilies with a Band Puller tool.

Pushstop Dibber Rigs feature Wide Gape Power hooks and incorporate a hair-rigged Drennan Pushstop. Used in conjunction with a Pushstop Pusher tool you can efficiently mount baits such as soft pellets, meat, sweetcorn and drilled boilies. 

 Each Dibber Rig comes on a super-tough pole winder with clearly printed information, stating the float, line and hook size. The rigs are tied to 1.5m of line, which can be trimmed down further should you wish. The floats are accurately shotted with a neat bulk of shot. You can alter the shots position by moistening the line and carefully sliding one shot at a time, up or down the line.