Drennan Carp Bandits Hooks to Nylon

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Ideal for feeder and waggler fishing methods, the Drennan Carp Bandits rigs are Carp Hair Rigger hooks to Nylon which have an acute upturned eye so they sit straight in line with the hooklength.

The kit also includes a twisted, stiffened hair held in place by an extra-long whipping which helps to prevent tangles, improve bait presentation and hooking ratios. 

Offering 8 rigs per pack, these rigs can be shortened but at 30cm they are an ideal length for feeder and waggler work. The bait band included can be stretched around pellets or pulled inside drilled pellets and soft baits like sweetcorn and meat with a bait needle

The rig is consisting of a bronzed and chemically sharpened hooks which are barbless, with an upturned eye.

There are 5 size options available, all with different bait suggestions. The size 10 is ideal for large baits like double corn, 10mm sized boilies, large cubes of meat or 8mm/10mm pellets. The size 12 boasts a 0.53mm wire are ideal for double corn, cubes of meat and 8mm pellets. The size 14 has 0.48mm wire but suggests similar baits as size 12. The size 16 hair rigger hook boasts 0.43mm wire and can be matched to 6mm or small 8mm pellets, single sweetcorn or tiny cubes of meat. Lastly, the size 18 hook for rigging options should be used with 6mm or small 8mm pellets, single sweetcorn or tiny cubes of meat.