Drennan Bandit F1 Dumbell 6mm

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These are perfect for smaller carp, F1s, tench and bream.

Bandit Dumbells can be effectively fished on the pole, waggler or feeder. They are fractionally harder than Method Boilies to withstand the banding process.

The best way to present them is inside a hair-rigged latex band, such as those you get with our various Bandits hooks to nylon. A slightly thinner waist helps them to hold inside a band really securely. In fact, it is often possible to catch more than one fish on the same hook bait.

  • Dumbell-shaped boilies
  • 6mm size hook baits
  • Easy to drill
  • Easy to pin/spike with a boilie bayonet
  • Four highly visible colours
  • Four proven flavour combinations