Drennan Acolyte Ultra Feeder

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With the popularity of slightly extended platforms on commercial fisheries, shorter feeder rods have become increasingly useful. The 9ft Ultra and its stepped-up brother, the Acolyte Plus 9ft Feeder, both allow fish to be played and landed right up close to the angler.

With an average weight of just 4oz or 113g, the Ultra 9ft Feeder remains crisp, strong and responsive to help cast with greater accuracy, whether fishing tight to an island, on snake lakes or on the pole line. The slimline blank also remains rigid enough to make bite-detection easier.

Importantly, the Acolyte Ultra 9ft Feeder still retains a great fish-playing action for anything from roach and skimmers to F1s and even small carp. The shorter length will also help to bring fish closer in for swifter netting.

The Acolyte Ultra 9ft comes with 1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz slim carbon push-in tips as standard that blend in perfectly with the blank and interchange with other Acolyte Feeder models but not with the Distance Feeder.

The rod’s two-piece construction ensures that it can also be quickly and easily folded in half for ease of transportation in a Rod Case or Sleeve. A handy pair of Neoprene rod socks and a retaining band are also included.