Drennan Acolyte Pro Carp Spare Top Kits

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The Double 2 Side Pull Kit opens up even more options and versatility to a Drennan pole owner! Two are supplied as standard in the Acolyte Carp poles six-kit package.

It is approximately the same 2.89m length as a standard two-piece Drennan top kit (including A Kits, Carp Kits and E Kits) but there is another joint in the middle of the No2 section.

The clever addition of this extra joint allows you to be able to elasticate one and a half sections of pole rather than just the No1 (tip) or the combined No1 and No2 sections. It is a great idea for anglers who dont want to fit quite so much elastic in their pole. It also provides you with a slightly shorter top kit for more maneuverability – something particularly useful for shallow fishing, speed fishing or some margin fishing applications.

Importantly, unlike many other poles on the market that offer a ‘short kit’ option, a big advantage of Drennan’s ‘Double 2’ system is the fact that you are not losing any fishable pole length when this type of kit is fitted. That means you can use a conventional Drennan top two kit and a Double 2 Kit for the same swim without having to add or subtract sections or use cupping kits of different lengths. Also, when packing away, you can leave both parts of the No2 section assembled, fold the kit in half and it will conveniently be the same size as the normal Carp Kits, making everything really simple.

The top half of the take-apart No2 section is reinforced and fitted with Drennan’s latest PTFE Side Pull System. This means you can have all of the advantages of Drennan’s super-smooth side puller system on a shorter setup.