Drennan Acolyte Compact Ultra

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The Compact Acolyte Ultra 13ft is extremely light and slim with superb balance. A patented design enables the rod to neatly fold away into two plus a short handle section for ease of transport.

This clever feature enables the rod to be stored made-up while still being a manageable length for transportation. It also comes with its own padded Acolyte Compact Rod Sleeve with retaining bands and rod socks to help protect the rod in transit.

In use, the Compact Acolyte Ultra 13ft has a similar exquisite action and performance as the standard three-piece Acolyte Ultra 13ft. In fact, the way it is constructed means it is actually even better balanced. As you would expect, being so light and slim ensures it almost effortless to fish with.

The crisp and responsive blank casts small to medium-sized floats with ease and the line pick up is exceptionally fast on the strike. Combined with a soft and forgiving tip section and a parabolic playing action, the angler can fish with hooklengths right down 1lb (0.08mm) with confidence.

This is possibly the ultimate silverfish rod with the all-important ability to cope with bonus fish such as chub, tench and small carp.

Traditional three-piece 13ft, 14ft and 15ft Acolyte Ultra models are also available.


  • 13ft (3.96m) length is suitable for a wide variety of venues
  • Ultra slim, lightweight and perfectly balanced with a fast yet gentle tip action
  • Patented design allows rod to pack away into two equal length sections plus a short screw-in handle
  • Ideal for assembling or packing away in seconds
  • Best matched with reel lines from 2½lb to 4lb+ (1.1kg to 2kg)
  • Will cope easily with hooklengths down to 1lb (0.08mm)
  • Padded Rod Sleeve, retaining bands and rod socks also supplied
  • For the angler who demands the very best