Cygnet Quicklock D/L Pod 32-57 inch

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Giving you an adjustable set up that’s flexible between 32”-57”, the Cygnet QuickLock D/L Rod Pod comes with three buzzer bars, allowing you to easily create an effective set up, and get your fishing started with no hassle, and no hold ups. For pro carpers, a further two buzz bars are available to purchase separately, giving you the flexibility to maximise your tackle set up for the ultimate angling session.

An incredibly stable set up, the Cygnet pod features fully adjustable front and rear legs and twin goal post mounts, allowing you to tailor your presentation to suit your fishing, and make the most of the bankside conditions on the day. A fully adjustable centre bar allows you to easily position your bite alarms at the distance you prefer, giving you a set up that feels right, and works with your style of angling.

Sturdy and durable, this functional, versatile rod support system is one of the best rod pods on the market, giving you a tidy bit of kit that will look good on any venue.