Cygnet Loaders (pack of 2)

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There are four Loaders in the range. Three of those are classic cylindrical shapes and the fourth is in a cone shape, allowing you to choose the ideal Loader for your bobbin. The largest of the loaders in the range is a 20g option. This has been designed for the windiest weathers and for angling in conditions with a strong current, and it is ideal for avoid false indications in a scenario when your hookbait or line might be getting dragged around in the water. With a heavy weighted loaded, you can be confident that any indication will be positive, rather than worrying about sitting on your hands and potentially missing a take. The next size down in the range is the medium 10g option. This is suitable for mild currents and middling winds, when you want to counteract any potential for accidental movement or false readings. The final two Loaders are both 5g in weight. These are perfect for those days when you need to add just a little additional weight to your setup in order to get the perfect indication time after time. All of the Loaders in the range come supplied in pairs. With this range of Cygnet Loaders, you can ensure that you always get the perfect setup.