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* Having been constructed with a fused loop strong Fluorocarbon core ensures that they act as a robust buffer against submerged obstacles such as gravel bars and snags. The Fluorocarbon core also ensures the leader sinks quickly and lays flat. * To straighten the Covert Fused Loop Leader (recommended before use) simply remove from packaging and pull under steady tension. The leader will now be straight and smooth, which will help alleviate tangles and ensure optimum performance and presentation. * These Covert Fused Loop Leaders feature: * The heavy 30lb Fluorocarbon core leader ensures great strength. * Available in 3 colours – Weedy Green, Natural Silt and Clear. * Each leader is 1m long and is supplied with a size 8 Kwik Lok Swivel, that makes them ideal for use as a basis for a lead clip arrangement. * We recommend attaching these Covert Fused Loop leaders to you main line using a loop to loop connection. For monofilament main lines use the Figure 8 Loop Knot. For braided lines use a Bimini Twist Loop or a Figure 8 loop knot with an extra turn to improve knot performance.