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Carp Spirit SOLURON - PVA Tube 3 in 1 Set

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Soluron PVA tube ‘3 in 1’is a complete PVA pack with 3 diameters of tube.
Made using only the highest quality PVA, the tube itself features a tight, anti-ladder mesh construction.
The flared funnel loaders make loading of bait quick and simple with reduced spillages. Soluron PVA tube is perfect for stick mixes, chopped boilies, ground bait, maggots and more.
The funnels stack neatly inside each other for safe storage in the sealed storage tube.
Once empty, tube re-filler spools can be purchased separately.
3x 10M PVA tubes on 3x pre-loaded flared funnels.
2x Plungers.
1x Sealed storage tube.
Breakdown time approx. 2 minutes in water at 20°C.
All three sizes included: 30mm, 22mm & 14mm.