BAIT TECH Halibut Marine Method Mix (2kg)

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Halibut Marine Method Mix
Any groundbait thats formulated around a base of crushed high-oil Halibut Marine pellets is always going to be a bit special! Halibut Marine Method Mix is exactly that yet it has also been blended with a host of other fishmeals and top grade ingredients to produce a fine-textured, unbeatable fast breakdown groundbait. Best one on the market for the perfect big fish method mix! Carp, barbel and bream all love this one.

The super-premium high grade, pre-digested fishmeal and Halibut Marines used in this bait as well as the pungent fish oils makes for a very powerful attractor and feed. This is no nonsense fish catching at its best!

Specifically designed for Method feeder fishing its packed full of amino & fatty acids essential in any fishes diet. The perfect choice for all big fish or commercial waters. Quick breakdown, carp catching winner.

Rich powerful attractors
Packed full of amino & fatty acids
Perfect big fish method mix
Packed with Halibut Marine
High food value
Perfect with Pre-Drilled Mix Halibut Marines
Halibut Marine Method Mix Comes in 2KG Bags

RRP £7.59