BAIT TECH Envy Feeder Red (2kg)

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Envy Feeder Red
This is THE Feeder Mix you need to have in your bait bag! Envy Feeder Red is easy to mix and has been designed to be used with any feeder style.

Mix wet, or on the dry side – you can use this to suit all your feeder requirements. This will put you ahead of the game on any commercial.

This is the ultimate success story. Made with Halibut Pellets and top quality Super Seed Hemp, this medium-fast breakdown method mix has accounted for thousands of bream and carp catches all over Europe. Time and time again it proves it’s worth – making Envy possibly the best method mix available.

Envy is made almost entirely of ground hemp and ground halibut pellets to produce an oily hi-attract mix with a medium-fast breakdown time. Originally designed as a method feeder mix ENVY has already proven a true all-round mix establishing a fantastic following. Great value with outstanding results!

Envy Feeder Red comes in 2kg bags

RRP £7.59