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Quality and appearance are paramount here!! Even the slightest 'glint' from the rig can warn the fish away form potential danger, and if they will not come near the rig you will not catch them. It sounds obvious but it is a matter of simple fact.

Compared to any of the competition Advanced Angling Solutions are simply ahead in camouflage and affordability.

Why would anyone use anything else?!

The best quality at sensible prices so you have the confidence that Advanced Angling Solutions products will not let you down.

Advanced Angling Solutions Lead Clips have been specially designed to ensure that you decide when the lead discharges. Manufactured for an Advanced Angling Solutions or an Industry standard size 8 swivel to lock perfectly within the clip, you can easily adjust when the lead ejects by how far you push the Tail Rubber on to the serrations on the back of the lead clip. The subtle colour blends in with the lake bed, helping to hide your rigs away from wary feeding fish.

Supplied in five colours, Dark Weed, Light Weed, Dark Clay, Light Clay and Silt to match the lead clips.

ASSESS ADAPT SUCCEED WITH Advanced Angling Solutions.