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Advanced Angling Solutions Density Fast Sinking Hook Link 25lb

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Advanced Angling Solutions Density Fast Sinking Braid has been formulated with years of research and testing This is a combination of woven heavyweight and Dyneema fibres that are mega supple and ultra strong offering excellent knot strength. This will therefore appeal to all you solid PVA bag anglers that like to fish over soft lake beds; such as in weed or over chod.

Due to the suppleness, the Density Fast Sinking Braid will gently rest over the contours of the lake bed laying flat and out of the carp’s way.The smooth tightly woven structure makes it easy to work with when threading through hook eyes etc and the round profile resists tangling. Density Fast Sinking Braid blends in over a variety of substrates making it really inconspicuous and a definite edge when fishing for pressured, rig shy carp.