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Advanced Angling Solutions Artifical Pop Up Corn

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These artificial plastic pieces of corn have been developed to add a whole host of new and exciting dimensions to your fishing. Corn stops will add a vivid colour sighter to almost any rig even pop ups attracting more fish towards your chosen hook bait. No more will you need to use a normal dumb bell hair stop, these unique stops have a small plastic hook which is looped on to a hair rig and is easily pulled in to a bait of your choice, leaving you with a fantastic hook bait arrangement. Not only are these stops great at attracting carp to your hook bait, they also offer you the option to extend your hair of your chosen rig without tying another.

It has become common knowledge that cray fish are adapt at removing a conventional dumb bell stop and making off with your bait, with an Advanced Angling Solutions artificial corn stops added to your rig it makes it full proof from unwanted cray attention, perfect if your selected water contains cray fish or if you have a foreign trip planned.

Available in Bright Red, Fluoro Pink, Fluoro Green, Yellow, Nite Glow.

A must have product within your tackle box armory!